Sustainability within packaging is a major subject and we need to drive change and do what we all can to create a more sustainable environment.


Technomelt E-COM G4 ECO

Plastic Reduction

The complexity of adhesives and the different types used in packaging mean they’re removed in the recycling process. This is usually through water cyclones where the adhesives are collected in one mass and removed. It is therefore important that the correct amount of adhesive is used and were possible Technomelt E-COM G4 is used.

If too little adhesive is used this can also be detrimental to the recycling process as adhesive is even more difficult to remove. For all products in Henkel’s ecommerce range have a CHI Recyclability Assessment available which can advise further.

For more information FEICA have a paper on the state of play of adhesives in context of paper and board recycling available HERE.

The ultimate in sustainable hotmelt, Technomelt E-Com G4 ECO is a big step in the right direction and is bringing a genuine new sustainable solution to the table. Where this market first adhesive stands out is that for each kilo used a carbon saving of 0.44kg is made, whereas a typical hot melt costs 2-3kg of carbon. This is achieved using a mass balanced approach and using 81% biomaterial. This saving is independently verified by the ISCC so you have complete piece of mind and use the saving toward any net zero targets.

By using hotmelt adhesive to seal packages instead of tape, plastic is immediately removed from the packing process as the there is no need for tape backers. Tape can also compromise the recyclability of the package as it is more difficult to remove in the recycling process and can even cause paper and board to go to landfill where it doesn’t need to.

By using automated packing using adhesives you can improve your packages recyclability by making the recycling process easier with the added bonus of improving the aesthetics and security of your packages.

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