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reduce CO2 carbon emissions

Sustainability is a huge factor in today’s economy, with large corporations and governments now driving change to become more circular, using less waste and lowering emissions. According to ‘Our World of Data’, up to 73% of greenhouse gases (CO2) are emitted as a direct result of energy consumption, this covers areas such as transport, electricity, and heat generation. With the Paris Climate Change agreement seeking to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we all need to do what we can to help achieve that target.

At face value, adhesives may seem like a small component of the end product and are often not even thought about by consumers which makes choosing the right adhesive all the more important. It is Interlock Adhesives’ responsibility to lead the way on the adhesives front and educate, support and improve our customer’s applications to reduce CO2 emissions.

There are three key areas to focus on with adhesives to have an immediate impact on your application:

  • Adhesive mileage
  • Lower operational temperatures
  • Technomelt Supra ECO

Adhesive mileage is how far your adhesive goes. Our aim is to increase your mileage through innovative products so you use less adhesive. By using less,  you lower CO2 emissions from transport and production as well as improved machinability due to its higher density allowing you to use less adhesive while manufacturing the same quantities. Our adhesives also have self-cleaning properties which decrease downtime resulting increase output.

Lower operational temperatures have a huge impact on the emissions given off during a manufacturing process. Our cool technology adhesives can operate efficiently at temperatures as low as 95°C which reduces energy consumption by 40%. while other hot melts require temperatures up to 180°C as standard. Lowering application temperatures is an easy way to help reach your energy reduction targets as it has a direct impact on the energy consumption required not only to start up machinery but also to maintain optimal temperatures throughout a working day. This is even more applicable in chilled and frozen production environments.

Technomelt Supra ECO is the worlds first carbon negative hotmelt which is certified by the ISCC to provide -0.4419kg carbon saving per kg of adhesive used. A standard hotmelt equates to 3-4kg of carbon per kg used, this makes Technomelt Supra ECO a really easy way to claim a carbon saving as it requires no special equipment and can be used on top of your current hotmelt adhesive. For more information CLICK HERE

At Interlock Adhesives, our aim is to supply the right high quality and efficient hotmelt adhesives for your application and to provide a full sustainable service, offering key advantages to reduce your emissions. CONTACT US for more information.

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