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Interlock Adhesives are proud to support local charities in the fight against our environmental footprint as well as mental health. We’ve teamed up with some brilliant charities that specialise in these areas providing a more sustainable future while improving and educating on mental wellbeing for future generations.

Environmental Partner: Community Forest Trust

Community Forest Trust (CFT) is focused on securing further investments for community forestry and supporting tree planting, providing a greener future for all. Interlock Adhesives has directly sponsored the planting of 20 trees and we’re looking forward to planting many more. Some of the projects the Community Forest Trust are supporting currently are:

The Mersey Forest in North Cheshire and Merseyside
City of Trees in Greater Manchester
White Rose Forest in the Leeds City Region
Heywoods in Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire
We are proud to support them as one of our charity partners, to enable us to take a step towards a greener future, which is in the core values at Interlock Adhesives and what we try to achieve with our adhesives and the service we provide to our customers.

Please check out their website by clicking below to see how you can offer your support and protect our forests.

Social Partner: SEED – Eating Disorder Support Service

SEED offers support and guidance to people and families suffering from eating disorders.

SEED is a local family charity established in 2000 in Hull, with the objective of helping people overcome eating disorders by focusing on early intervention, prevention and providing support to those suffering or those caring for someone with the illness. This can be a silent killer, with the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness, hence why their work is so crucial.

We will continue to support this wonderful charity, so they are able to carry on with the life-changing work.

Please check out their website for details on how you may be able to support and please donate if you can!

Animal Charity Partner: Amphibian & Reptile Conservation

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation are a relatively new charity that has been formed as part of a rebranding exercise from the Herpetological Conservation Trust (HCT) which dates back 20 years. This new charity brand was created due to extensive discussions with other organisations that had expressed a desire to work with and support in a new way. ARC’s work not only focuses on conservation managing over 80 reserves  across the UK but also focuses on these other key areas: 

  • Education & Training 
  • Influencing policies & legislation
  • Running projects and campaigns
  • Using science and data for the species they protect

As one of our corporate charity partners, we are thrilled to be able to work with ARC to conserve and develop the amphibian and reptile species across the UK. Interlock Adhesives have a soft spot for these wonderful creatures, as animals such as geckos and frogs are the inspiration and world leaders in all things sticky with their naturally sticky feet. 

They have many ways you can help this wonderful organisation via sponsorships, donations and many more, so check out their website below for further information.

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