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Technomelt Supra ECO

Technomelt Supra ECO is the brand-new adhesive grade in the Supra range, developed by Henkel & Dow Chemicals. They have successfully created an adhesive that adds real sustainable value to the end of line packaging sector. Capturing CO2 emissions and using responsibly sourced raw materials to contribute towards a circular economy, all without compromising on the well-known Supra performance.

This revolutionary product is manufactured with 81% ISCC certified bio-based material, is compatible with the paper recycling stream and contains raw materials that are responsibly sourced such as Tall Oil (a by-product of the paper-milling industry) reducing waste.

Key benefits:

  • Negative product cradle-to-gate carbon footprint (GWP 100 years, kg of CO2 equivalents)
  • Supra ECO is made with 81% ISCC certified bio-based material
  • Operates like a regular Supra product, reducing adhesive consumption & cost compared to conventional EVA products
  • Maintains outstanding performance & efficiency
  • Certified food safe
  • Compatible with recycling according to EPRC (European Policies Research Centre) guidelines
  • Bio-based materials are fully traceable across the supply chain
Technomelt Supra ECO

According to Henkel, the carbon footprint of any standard polyolefin hot melt adhesive amounts to circa 328 tons of CO2 per annum. With an average consumption of 100 tones of adhesives per year, this equates to 71 ICE (Internal combustion engine) cars driven for a full year.

Technomelt Supra ECO is the first carbon-negative hot melt adhesives that allow the saving of 372 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of the carbon captured by 6100 tree seedlings grown for 10 years!

This unique product is the first of its kind across the world, offering a sustainable solution for the packaging industry and leading the way towards a more circular economy.

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