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Tissue and Towel Adhesives

Tissue and paper towel adhesives are essential for ensuring your products are performing to the best possible standards

It is important to maintain softness, strength and absorbency across these products and having the correct adhesives to support production is vital. Each application has different adhesive requirements which can include tail-sealing, lamination, and core-winding.

Interlock Adhesives are the exclusive UK supplier of Henkel tissue and paper towel adhesives, we combine our excellent customer service with the best quality Henkel adhesives to be your reliable partner in your application. Our aim is to increase your efficiency through high quality adhesives and to keep your costs down to a minimum. All our adhesives conform to the highest safety standards and have raw material consistency to give peace of mind in production.

Paper-Pick Up
Tissue Softener and Fragrances

Henkel’s range of Aquence adhesives are specifically engineered to give a quick setting speed, excellent performance and a clean finish avoiding any dirty or sticky finished product. There are many options available for lamination, both ready to use and in concentrate form, which offer an outstanding price to performance ratio.

Whatever your requirements, soft, rigid or medium roll, two to four ply toilet paper or two to three ply kitchen roll, we have the right adhesive solution for you. Product highlights include:

  • Quick setting time
  • Clean running
  • Excellent adhesion regardless of ply
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Available in concentrate or ready to use forms
  • All relevant industry certifications

Henkel have a broad range of pick up adhesives, they have different structures and levels of tack to suit all applications. As pick up is the start of the winding process it is essential to have the correct adhesive to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Aquence TAK water based adhesive is formulated to run cleanly, provide maximum performance and increase efficiency. This is obtained through the precise chemical makeup of each adhesive to reduce the need for cleaning meaning your operation can run for longer. Product highlights include:

  • Versatile range of adhesives
  • High wet tack
  • Excellent dry release
  • Clean running
  • Maximum efficiency to reduce consumption
  • Available in concentrate or ready to use forms
  • All relevant industry certifications

Core-winding adhesive needs to be versatile to be able to cope with the wide range of paper and cardboard that can be used in this application to achieve the perfect finished core. Henkel’s range of adhesives includes dextrin-based products and polyvinyl-acetate (PVA), which have been designed to bond any type of paper/cardboard with varying machine settings, including high speed machines. Product highlights include:

  • Wide range for specific technical needs
  • Fast drying for high-speed operation
  • High efficiency for excellent product mileage
  • For use on all paper and cardboard available
  • All relevant industry certifications

The tail-sealing area of production is vital as it is the first part of the finished product a customer will see, so it is important to look great visually. In the production using the right adhesive is key as limited penetration and excellent release, whether the adhesive is applied via fountain, bar or nozzle systems. With the Aquence SEAL range we can provide the right level of wet tack to avoid dirt and give an excellent release giving the end user the best possible experience. Product highlights include:

  • Excellent wet tack to avoid flagging on the converting line
  • Guaranteed dry release
  • Market leading sustainable options
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Clean running
  • Best in class look and feel for your customers
  • All relevant industry certifications

Comfort level is very important for toilet paper, and it is essential to have right level of comfort for your brand. By treating the paper/tissue fibres with softener the right level of comfort can be reached for customers. Having the confidence in your softener is easy with Henkel, increase your customers comfort level without increasing costs.

Our wide range of softeners and fragrances will improve your process and leave your customer completely satisfied. Product highlights include:

  • Increase your output through efficiency savings
  • Products that work at room temperature
  • Quick drying
  • Wide range of fragrances
  • All dermatologically tested
  • Supporting product differentiation

Cardboard packaging used for tissue boxes and cases products are packed in is an essential part of the final product. Hotmelt adhesive is used packing applications for speed. Using Henkel’s range of Technomelt Supra adhesives provides many production benefits to keep costs down along with sustainable options. Technomelt Supra provides excellent adhesion to prevent “pop-opens” and keep your customers experience positive. Product highlights include:

  • Reduce volumes by up to 40%
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low temperature grades available
  • Low odour and migration
  • Self-cleaning to prolong equipment life
  • Carbon negative options – Technomelt Supra ECO

Equipment Solutions for Tissue and Towel Applications

Dilution Systems

Concentrated water-based adhesives are widely used in tissue and paper towel adhesive applications. It is therefore important to have the right equipment to dilute concentrated adhesives to ensure consistency in the application. This is especially difficult when mixing is done by hand. Henkel have dilution systems available to help ensure the correct mix of adhesive and water for accurate application.

The dilution system delivers adhesive on demand and therefore eliminates the need for operators to do any heavy lifting and reduces rick of chemical exposure. Another major benefit to our dilution system is reducing the risk of contamination of the adhesive as it is a closed system. Contact us to find out more.

Extrusion Transfer Systems

It is common place in the tissue and towel industry for the use of open pot and wheel application systems. The major downside to these systems is the risk of contamination from dust and other debris from the factory environment. Cleaning is also a challenge which increases wates and downtime due to the length of time needed to clean.

Henkel, in partnership with major equipment manufacturers, have options to combat the above issues. Extrusion transfer systems enable greater control of tissue and towel production lines helping to increase production up time and increase operator safety. Our systems can reduce waste up to 50%. Contact us to fine out more.

Problem Solving

There are common challenges across tissue and paper towel production which we aim to reduce and achieve a better production environment for you. This is achieved through quality products and equipment options. Comon production problems include:

Stringing, Throwing and Splashing – These issues result from centrifugal force and is often caused by overfilled adhesive pots, adhesive build up on rollers and the adhesive setting too quickly. Having a consistent high-quality adhesive really helps to minimise these issues.

Pattern Skips – The cause of patten skips is usually incorrect adhesive viscosity which can occur from incorrectly mixed adhesive or broken gel structure. Improving mixing and production practices helps to avoid these issues.

Uneven Coat Weights – This is caused by variations in the application of the adhesive. This can be due to uneven pressure between applicators and the substrate.

Tailing or Satelliting – Occurs when too much adhesive is applied and the centre falls away and therefore creates a tail on the substrate.

Henkel’s tissue and towel adhesives are specifically designed to counter these issues.

Contact us today to see how we can help improve your application.